Hyppeastrum Red Lion

This amaryllis is noted at this time of year for its vibrant red colour and and its impressive flowers that can span to 15 cm wide !

Christmas gift

I’ve been watching it unfold day after day since Xmas, and tonight, I decided to know more about it. So here is what I gathered :

Its stem is hollow and the flowering can last up to 3 weeks. It is very easy to have it flower again so they say, but I won’t be able to try with this one, as the stem is thrust into some floral moss, together with bamboo canes (very practical for watering !) and two gorgeous roses. There could be a message behind this gift ! Thank you, secret admirer…

Anyway, back  to the topic of the Hyppeastrum. The Dutch first imported bulbs from Mexixo and South America. The started hybridizing the Amaryllis at the beginning of the C18th.

Amaryllis was the name given by Virgil to a young goat-herdress in The Buccolics. The word means ‘sparkle’ in Greek, and was chosen to describe the effect produced by the plant in full bloom onto the European public when it was first presented.

Apparently today, Japan is the biggest producer for it. Who would have guessed ?

Dec 28, 2011

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