Four days ago, I replaced my withering hyacinths with some wild flower seeds, in the hope that I would get a summer explosion indoors in the heart of winter…

Well hope is there, with some seeds already sprouting !

You may have to look twice to see what I mean :

Today seems to be glorious, I was out in the garden at 8 o’clock this morning,  and I found it so mild I couldn’t help going round for a check-up. Well the fish are awake, so I fed them. Some plants are giving new flowers or new leaves or new shoots, so I shifted the pots to put forward the ones with more colour in them. I gave support to the baby eucalyptus and vibernum in the new hedge, that got  flattened by the battering rain and wind we’ve had these past few days.

You know, I have the vague feeling that after dropping my son at the golf this afternoon, the car will find its way to the garden centre for a bit of  ‘oh it’s so sunny today, why not pot around the garden with some seasonal features ?’.

And I still have in mind to fill a planter with poinsettia and company. A way to reconcile myself with this way -too -much topical plant. Need to check if I have a planter available first…

Off I go !

Dec 22, 2011

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