a couple of succulents…

were surrepticioulsy introduced in the house under the very nose of Mike Lucky Spade – who says he dislikes cacti of all sorts.

Well I went for the soft ones, the leafy ones – to lure him you see.

Meet Peperomia clusifolia jellie (variegated) and Peperomia schumi red (in red…) :


Although a  lot of Peperomias grow as epyphites in rainforests habitats, others are succulents found in the High Andes. The genus Peperomia includes over 1,500 species but only a few are grown to be sold in nurseries and garden centres. Their appearance vary considerably.

Peperomia is best grown in a light, well-drained compost containing plenty of humus. They love warm humid conditions. Beware that they can be prone to stem and foliage rotting, so it’s best to water them sparingly from below, and use a shallow container. Peperomias are widely used in dish-gardens, or bottle-gardens – any environment where space is limited. Obviously I got it wrong here, as I’m using a big pot, but I’m counting on the surrounding grass to pump quickly up any excess water when I water from the top… As for limited space, I win a point as it is planted closely with other companions.

As you can see, my garden experience is more focused indoors at the moment.

What about you ?

Dec 30, 2011

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  • David Steel

    Why not invest in a Bottle Garden – or nowadays you can commonly find those big spherical or bell shaped bottles they use in a bric-a-brac or second hand shops as alot of people discard them.
    And that way your cat will not eat them, unless she manages to worm her way inside it and then, just think of the funny photo opportunity !!

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