a child’s wish for the new year

With more time to spend inside at this time of year, holidaying … that is resting from the hard work done at school and growing into a bigger person, my 11 year-old daughter chose some flowers at the garden centre and created this display for the wall in her bedroom :

I remember when she was little, around five, she very seriously looked at me one day and said out of nowhere : “I was born to save the planet”. And believe me, she is no GI Joe type of girl !

Well, as we say in French, cats don’t make dogs, so I suppose it’s our awareness as a family to the protection of the environment, that helps a child formulate phrases like that. But I have a feeling that kids nowadays are more sensitive about the future of our planet.

Do you have green children at home too ?

Meanwhile, I was busy pinning the dog down and waking the cat up for a topical portrait !



Miaow Xmas !




..???… Bone ? Walky …. ????

(first Xmas, not yet used to it…)

Dec 27, 2011

2 comments to a child’s wish for the new year

  • Mike

    Not sure that Sally the dog was that convinced about wearing the Santa hat, although the cat seemed to go with the flow.

    merry christmas and a happy new year

  • Green children? Well, am getting there slowly 🙂 After constantly telling them ‘Don’t waste water”, now they have started to remind each other the same 😀 Love for nature runs in your family I see 🙂

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