work experience in New Caledonia

He ‘s back !

After having spent 5 weeks in New Caledonia, to work for a landscape and garden company in Nouméa as part of his work experience, Quentin was able to tell us all during a photo session yesterday.

Well first of all, I’d like to say CONGRATULATIONS QUENTIN : not many students can find the inner ressources as well as the finances to be able to make such a trip.

No doubt this challenge has made you more of a citizen of the world, as you flew from Paris to Seoul, then Sidney and finally Noumea. You virtually went to the other side of the planet, and stayed on the French island in the Pacific Ocean, East of Australia.

So you became a “zoreille”, that’s the name given to the white French by the natives.

“I was especially touched by the landscapes, the perpetual sunshine, and the happy people, always smiling, so polite and happy in their heart. At weekends, I would tour the island with my cousin Stephanie and her family. She came to live here with her Breton of a husband some 20 years ago. She has a job in a printing factory, and her husband works as a commercial in advertising. During these weekend trips, I was able to see some amazing wildlife and the local plants : palm trees, flamboyants, herbs, fruit trees such as the mango, litchi, banana, corossol … ”

“I also enjoyed the local customs, like for example the traditional 4 o’clock drink of kava, made from brewing the roots of the kava plant, with relaxing properties… You have to get used to drinking it, though, it’s very bitter.”

                       “There are places with waterfalls and natural ponds, the water is very cool but it’s the perfect location to capture  wild plants in their natural habitat”.





… to be continued….

Nov 29, 2011

4 comments to work experience in New Caledonia

  • Mike

    What a great experience !
    I hope all the students try their best to obtain work experiences/travel to these type of places.
    It is amazing where you can go on a small budget once you put your mind to it.
    And the best time to do it is when you are young.
    I look forward to more photos from New Caledonia.
    Did he get to Papua New Guinea ?

  • Wow, what a great opportunity! Traveling is so wonderful and rewarding!

  • Billy Whigham

    Damn, I wish I could travel the world like that. It’s awesome that you have friends that do this, they are awesome to save up enough money to do this and I recommend a lot of people should do this too.

  • Farhan

    Travel does refresh your mind. Good for a break from the pathetic thing called ‘routine’!

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