shopping spree !

This should be money well spent – I hope !

Here are the shrubs I’ve added to the previous list for the new hedge :

  • Bamboo fargesia scabrida ‘Asian Wonder’ : non invading, very dense foliage. The stems turn red in spring and desquame yellow in spring.
  • Hypericum patulum ‘Hidcote’ : semi evergreen ; large and bountiful bright yellow flowers in summer. The label reads ‘rapid growth’ – I should

check on that !

  • Cornus alba ‘Sibirica Variegata’ : flashy red stems, with leaves that have a green and white margin that turns pink in autumn.
  • Seringa ‘Belle Etoile’ : magnificent species for its large white flowers with a cherry centre in May, and its strong fragrance.
  • Eleagnus ebengeii : an evergreen bush, that has fragrant white flowers in Sept/Oct
  • also Spirea vanhouttei : in May it is a cascade of white flowers.

So the countdown has started : one week before Botanic Bay opens onto the street, when the sick conifer hedge gets removed. Its a much awaited for experience, not so much for beeing exposed onto the street of course, but for getting rid of a hedge that has no charm whatsoever, and prevents some of our plants to grow fully. Partly because of the shade it provides, but also simply for what conifers are : a put-off for most of the rest of the plants ! I hope to invite a large range of fauna as well – from bugs to birds and small mammals, by choosing shrubs that flower at different times in the year. The base of the hedge will be planted with wild flowers, some that will start in spring, and some that will flower in summer and well into the autumn. I also intend to plant bulbs, but I shall tell you more in due time, when the order I placed through Le Club Senegal of the Lycee is delivered.



By the way, my pets have participated in our Halloween celebrations, what about your pets ?

funky cat

halloween dog

Nov 1, 2011

4 comments to shopping spree !

  • Sam Cricket

    I will look forward to seeing some photos of the “works” in progress, of your old hedge being removed and then the new planting. being without a hedge will be a shock but the plants you have chosen look like they will be an asset to your neighbourhood.
    Planting wild flower seeds is a good idea, not to sure about the bulbs though as they may be hidden ?
    Good luck

  • Sandra

    I think I will have to take a look at the local bamboo nursery for the Bamboo fargesia scabrida you mentioned, I have some trees growing along my fence line which were supposed to form a hedge but didn’t, so I have been considering adding bamboo for a while but was unsure of a good looking one to plant.

  • Robert Karlsson

    Bamboos have so many advantages – they give a tropical, yet asiatic feel to a garden, provide all round year long green leaves, form great hedges, resist frost…
    They can be invasive however, so I am interested to read about these so called “no invasive” species. I’ll have to try one to see from experience whether it is true.

  • Sue

    Now that the old hedge is gone, I look forward to seeng what these new plants look like once there in the ground. You say your planting a mix of wild flowers and bulbs, What varieties are you planting ?

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