re-planting over and done with !

We finished too late yesterday to post a photo of the new hedge. We spent two days digging – praize hubby aka spade wonderboy. We spaced out the bushes, following Hervé’s advice ; we didn’t get rid of the Eleagnus ebengii, thought we’d give it a chance by strictly controlling its growth.

We removed all the Cornus from the hedge and created two beds just with them, one in the former woodland area (bottom left of the photo, behind the grasses) , and one to hide the view from the batllefield under the willow, where the dog has her kennel, and the compost bin is (on the right, not to be seen on the photo).

  This planting of Cornus in clumps will be a feature in winter, with the amazing colour of the stems, and will serve its purpose  the rest of the year when the bushes are in leaf.






We created another bed at the end of the terrace, to hide the view from the street, and to welcome the plants that didn’t fit in the hedge anymore -because of their size at maturity – too small, and because they smell wonderful when in bloom (Philadelphius and Osmanthus), or their style (one of the Nandina domestica, in keeping with the mood of the pond nearby).

We also had two plants : Spireae and Vibernum tinus that were too small to be kept as the front of the hedge,

so we created a double line of panting for them at a higher level inside the garden.

We also moved the Hamamelis (Witch Hazel) inside the garden, on the edge of the curve, because of the span it will reach with time.

At the bottom of the garden, we had to fell a sickly white silver birch that hadn’t rooted properly and could become dangerous over the years, and we got rid of a Sycomore tree, too many of them in the estate, and they self-seed so easily, plus ours was sick as well, running a sticky substance

on its leaves and covered in ants. Instead we planted one Buddleia and a hazelnut tree, both transfers from the overplanted hedge.

So here is our hedge before 11/9 and our hedge from 11/13.

Give it 4 years at least to be grown up !


Nov 14, 2011

7 comments to re-planting over and done with !

  • Mike

    What a difference it has made. And all that over 5 days work.
    Lets hope with time it flourishes and becomes a really beautiful sight.
    Good work.

  • Thanks for stopping by my blog and reading about my love affair with algae!

    Good job on the hedge too. That will fill in nicely in a couple of years no problem.

  • Hi – Thats looks like you did a great job. I know how it is waiting for things to grow … I’ve been waiting most patiently for a screening hedge to grow in my garden too. I’m still waiting … Good luck with yours. I’ll be watching with you 🙂

  • Mike

    If the weather is okay this weekend, we should possibly be thinking of the final mow of the grass for 2011?
    I wouldn’t mind putting a fertilizer down on the grass (note; I did not say weedkiller or mosskiller as we have a rake for that),…but we have a dog now so not really that keen.
    Is there any eco / environmentally friendly things we can add to a lawn as fertilizer ??

  • Mike

    Indeed it is, and this year I want to add “only” fertilizer and avoid the weedkiller and mosskiller that seems to only decimate huge swathes of our lawn.
    But my main concern is that these are not toxic to animals (eg. the dog) …. it says eco-friendly… but does not state anywhere that it is definitely pet friendly….
    i’ll have to take a visit of the local garden centre this weekend.
    But anyway, we are still lacking some rain 🙂

  • Farhan

    That conifer hedge looks awesome! I’d definitely like one for my garden.

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