Ole Toro !

I’ll tell you how the machine called Toro gets rid of the tree stumps, from what I was able to witness this afternoon.

It is driven by a man standing on one end, and he operates a mechanical arm terminated by a disc. The disc rotavates a high speed and the arm pushes it down as it shreds the stumps to mulch. It’s very noisy, it projects a lot of bark chippings, but it’s very efficient.

All was left was a soft mix of earth and mulch, that was evacuated by a mechanical shovel to the collecting van.

Nov 9, 2011

3 comments to Ole Toro !

  • Sue

    After looking at the great results in another post, it looks like it was well worth getting in the heavy machinery to do the job, fast efficient and looks good !

  • Farhan

    Seems like a mean machine! 🙂

    • Céline

      indeed, but a very efficient one if used wisely. It was necessary here, as you have understood the conifer hedge was very old and sick, and had to be removed in order to plant a new hedge with more plant species. Thus encouraging wildlife, and the pollinating process, as we have chosen a lot of flowering bushes as replacement for the conifers.

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