Leaves frame

A view from the upstairs study window :

after raking the leaves off the lawn I noticed how the white gravel at the bottom of the dry pond had turned into this amazing colourful frame.

So I commissionned Mike Lucky Spade to grap the camera and rush upstairs to capture the scene while the sun was still shining.

Another busy weekend : the pruning of the willow to proceed with the woven frame of the second square by the kitchen, what a mess, all the tiny twiglets to collect and bag, the leaves to rake, only it had rained over lunchtime on Sunday, and the grass was slowly turning into muddy skiddy surface… And then the path along the south facing wall, we’re getting there. Finally a last fatal drop at the garden centre saw us come back with tiny box to plant in a line along the new path, and a climbing hydrangea that we’re going to try on our south facing wall…. I know, risky job, but hey we live in the north of France, and also it was planted by the corner of the house, allowing it the opportunity to turn left and along the west facing wall then …

It was dark when we finished at 5pm. Pretty chilly as well, not surprising I had to scratch some thin ice off the windscreen early this morning before taking the kids to school.

Well, we should be finished with planting for now. What about you ? Any interesting weekend story ?

Nov 28, 2011

6 comments to Leaves frame

  • David Burns

    I like the leaves on the terrace… they look like stars.
    I think you should try and lay out a formation that represents a constellation… that would be great art.
    Then take a picture and show me what it looks like.

  • Mike

    And with that cold morning today, being the first real heavy frost we had…I believe we can say the (re-)planting period is now well and truly over until next Spring (phew).
    Onwards with the hardlandscaping….
    Mike (aka Lucky Spade)

  • Bertram Harrir

    I also like the star-shaped leaves. It would be great if added in some more flowers surrounding the frames too. A border of flowers would be awesome.

  • Mike

    I think the flowers would be too much.
    The frame gives it architecture.
    Flowers would change the theme completely and make it look like a formal garden; that was not the spirit in teh creation of this particularly sunken / floating decking.
    To clarify, the decking is surrounded normally by white pebbles which have a mixture of plants growing in them – grasses, acers, hostas etc

  • Chrissy

    I love it just the way it is! It looks like something that just happened when the season changed.

    Great photo as well! You never know when inspiration will hit.

  • Farhan

    Awesome! Leaves look like bright shiny stars out of a kid’s book.

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