Chrysanthus Mikado

aka as Mikado Plant, it’s my latest purchase at the garden centre !

It has evergreen foliage with small leaves in the shape of stipules, and white flowers with a yellow or slightly rosy centre.

It’s dormant from November to March (well maybe not the one I’ve just bought then..). It likes to be in the light, and being an aquatic plant (not that it was sold in that section at the garden centre though !), it’s better to plunge it in some non chalky water with some bits of charcoal to prevent the roots from rotting.

In the dry (my option), it’s important to keep the compost moist at all times ; any dry spell would prove fatal…

So that was a brief post on an indoor plant, would you like to tell me about your favourite indoor plants ?

Nov 16, 2011

7 comments to Chrysanthus Mikado

  • Mike

    An interesting plant with an interesting name – reminds me of my favourite chocolates !
    Those stems are quite a feature by the way.

    As for favourite indoor plants; defintely not CACTI !!, but I have a leaning towards those of the Ficus family.

  • Very interesting to have an aquatic indoor plant!

    My favorite indoor plants are anything that does well with neglect and can tolerate kids knocking them over and cats chewing on them 🙂
    I sadly don’t have any more indoor plants anymore for the reasons listed above..

  • Mike

    Glad someone else has problems with cats chewing on plants !!

  • Chrissy

    Such a nice plant! Do you happen to know if it is dog safe? My puppy (now 2) has never actually tried to eat one, but I try to keep her as safe as possible.

  • Chrissy

    Gizzie can’t really reach them on things, I am just over protective of her 🙂

    Don’t you have to love the furry ones!

  • Farhan

    My little chickens completely destroyed a potted lily plant in just one day. I was surprised to see that!

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