Birds welcome

Dinner is served, dear birds.

I promise to keep le chat in as much as possible – she is of the lazy sleepy type, though still young. Nothing better than my daughter’s bathrobe left at the foot of the bed to nestle purringly for long hours of uninterrupted slumber…

But I believe the weather is still too mild for them to come hungrily to the different seed bars we’ve set out for them. Still, they’re ready for when the times are hard.

I think I’ve been seeing  blackbirds pecking greedily at the newly sown seeds on my wildflower patches… grrrrr. Seed bar I told you ! To the back of the house, near the pond, now leave my sowing alone !


Nov 24, 2011

5 comments to Birds welcome

  • Christian Nash

    I bet your garden would look beautiful once everything is grown out. I just love where you placed everything. Good luck with the bird.

  • It’s like how I hope that the squirrels in my yard will be too busy trying to get to the bird feeder to notice all the bulbs I am planting. I even bought them some corn!

  • Chrissy

    It’s so nice you thought of the birds! Don’t you wish they were trainable!

    Good luck with getting them to eat what you want 🙂

  • Rachel Tasmin

    Do you have any birdboxes in your garden ?
    With those new bushes and hedgerow you have planted, in theory your garden will be a haven for birds….
    Of course, however, maybe it will be the cats that are saying “yum, dinner is served” !!

  • Betty

    How are the bird feeders doing ?
    This time of year in my garden typically it is just the occasional visits (but at least the birds know where to come).
    It is in teh real cold months when the ice is laying thick, that we see the advantage of the feeders – can be amazing to watch.
    Good luck.

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