bamboo canes

I am one of them…

Someone who likes bamboo even if it is not in the mood with the local landscape. Now who doesn’t have a bit of garment or even pottery that wans’t manufactured in China ?…

So when I read the wellywowan’s post ( on The National Bean Pole Week in Britain, I felt guilty… Of course I’d like to support the local environment, wildlife – for that I do my own bit of coppicing with my willow tree. Only I needed big canes and that was what came to my mind first.

They will be the backbone for the Jasmina climbing rose I planted. With adequate pruning and time obviously, it should provide me with fragrant flowers from May to November, together as concealing the water butt behind it.

What climbing frame structure  have you devised in your garden ? And subsidiary question : yesterday I saw at my friend’s, Veronique,  a specimen of climbing hydrangea. Have you tried and tested one ?

Nov 27, 2011

2 comments to bamboo canes

  • Rachel Tasmin

    Good idea, but how is the Rose going to climb up the bamboo poles – will they be free or are you going to put some sort of supporting mesh behind ?

  • Chrissy

    I think they look great and are a nice touch! It’s no problem to support both! I always say I think I keep the whole economy going with the way I spend LOL 😉

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