Acer palmatum

In the quiet that is settling now in the garden, the rush of the hedge replanting and the planting of bulbs, the sowing of wild flowers being complete, it’s nice to observe nature taking on its late autumn colours. At Botanic bay, I’m still waiting for the Liquidambar to turn red, but in the meantime, this Acer palmatum takes all the looks, positioned as it is near the decking in the front garden. With the conifer hedge now removed, the suns catches the many sides of its leaves and makes it shine even redder than I thought before.

Another bright sunny afternoon, still no sign of rain… and Hubby who is willing to fertilize his green bit of land ! You are English with that viceral obsession of a lush green grass, or you’re not trully English ! But the question arising this year, is to use an eco friendly type of fertilizer, one with slow nitrogen release capsules and absolutely non phosphorus, but still, is this type of fertilizer dog friendly ?

Any comments on how you fertilize your grass – if you care !, is most welcome.


Nov 18, 2011

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  • Claudette John

    I like your garden! It looks so beautiful.

  • Donnie Vargas

    Although this may seem disgusting, I sometimes use my rotting food for my garden. It will give them a lot of nutrition and I don’t like to waste my food. So I use used food to make more food. If you have a better way, that would be great to tell me.

  • Annette Mccorimick

    I really like what you are doing with your garden. It looks way better than mine which is basically almost dead since I don’t have enough time to feed the plants . Any tips on how to garden with a tight schedule?

    • Céline

      actually Annette, I would be tempted to say that with not much time, you are lucky to sequence the tasks in the garden. Say you have to rake dead leaves off, well do what you can in 20 mns, anyway our compost bins take ages to decompose and the green bins given by the city are not oversized to welcome huge quantities of green wastes every week ! With two kids, three cats, a dog and indoor plants, that’s how I operate. A little at a time.

  • Mike

    ‘Tis true, I want my grass green !! Or at least what is left of it, as slowly it seems like our plans for planting, features, hard landscaping etc are ever expanding and the grassy area is dwindling…
    Did I tell you about my next garden project ?

    • Céline

      no, but I’m dying to know ! A gazebo (that was the world we were looking for the other day, it came back naturally to me during a lesson this morning !), a chicken enclosure, an aviary ?

  • Mike

    I was thinking of a large circle, bordered by wooden rustic planks on their ends and sunk into the ground. The raised ends would be at different heights.
    You walk in and out of the circle, possible with somewhere to sit. Planting inside maybe tall wispy grasses, lupins, hollyhocks, delphiniums, redbeckia, alliums, echinacea, lavender, ….
    I am still in the conceptual/imagination phase…..

  • Mike

    The other project which you already know about is the fruit area… this will run alongside the path that is under construction (along the last 3 metres in length). Basically 2 or 3 vertical posts with wire or maybe thin inox poles running horizontally. We will have 2 vines growing up at each end with one raspberry bush at the centre and in between 2 red current bushes – if there is any space at ground level I will plant the strawberry plants that we have in the pots.
    Mike (aka hubby)

  • Mike

    Oh and as for the chickens, I do not think the neighbours would approve – maybe when we are retired and have moved out into the countryside ?

  • Chrissy

    Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous and of course so are the flowers 🙂

  • Farhan

    ^ I second that. The pictures are sharp. I also love plants which are non-green in color 🙂

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