well, this is it !

First time this year I’ve had to scratch the windscreen off the fine layer of ice that had settled overnight… Will have to get used to jumping out of bed 5 mns earlier from now on !

Hang on… Maybe not too soon, as the day after tomorrow is the start of the October half term, so the alarm clock will be turned off for a while !!!!!

Anyway maybe hubby will get round to finishing the path that is taking shape round the south facing corner of the house.

corner path







Promise, I’ll try to post a photo of him, unaware, kneeling on the grass, surrounded by the odd trowel, sand bag, pile of slabs, busy mixing some concrete (home made recipe !), or brushing sand in the joints,

while fighting le chat off the fresh base !

She takes great care to slowly walk her way sinuously to mesmerize him, round the watercan, brushing past the sand bag, pausing for a lick on the paw quickly followed by a stroke behind the ears…

“OK, HE is not watching… (hop hop hop) I quickly paw my way onto that nice soft fresh surface He has been rubbing flat all the while…

How come he’s shouting at me ?”

Oct 20, 2011

1 comment to well, this is it !

  • Mr. Dingle

    Not bad for an amateur !
    Seriously, I like the design of this path, a good use of small paving slabs, pebble infills and tiles – the colours blend well.
    Looking forward to see photos of it completed.
    And the planting against the wall is quite creative.
    keep up the good work !
    Kind regards
    Mr. Dingle

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