Still, there’s a plant in it !

I know, another fridge magnet…

but not ANY fridge magnet ! While shopping for a Kolkwitzia and a Nandina at my favourite garden centre, I came face to face with a wall covered in plastic cubes in different sizes, different flashy colours, and next to them, a display of mini plants.

So I thought why not ! I am in favour of finding plants in the most unusual places,I am actually considering “planting” the wall in the bathroom : a room that gets the morning till mid afternoon sun, so fully lit, and quite hot in summer. I have in mind to transform one wall into a jungle display…

I would be delighted to hear of any suggestion from someone with similar craze in situ !

So I’ll be waiting for hubby’s reaction tonight, when he comes back from work as the pizza delivery boy, a kiss for a tip, and two kids jumping for joy : TGIF !!!

I want more !


Oct 21, 2011

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