shrubs for a new hedge

If you are a regular of Botanicbay, you probably remember our next big project is to get rid of our sick conifer hedge.

We have hired a tree surgeon for a swift and efficient job : it is a 45m long hedge with conifers planted some 30 years ago, and the soil is well compacted. So we thought : get the pro in !

We also asked him if he could plant three 3m long sections with diverse shrubs, and we thought we could fill in the gaps with our own selection.

So I had great delight in perusing my Tree and Shrub Expert book, having in mind already that I wanted shrubs that have a winter interest : either foliage or flower.

So here is what I picked from the garden centre nearby :

Nandina (heavenly bamboo) : an evergreen shrub that would echo our bamboo hedge nicely

Hamamelis (witch hazel) : will provide us with red flowers in the middle of winter

Lonicera  (shrubby honeysuckle) : will also flower in winter

Kolkwitzia amabilis (beauty bush) : has bell shaped flowers that festoon arching stems. It looks like a tall Weigelia but it is less popular despite it being an easy to grow and hardy bush. The peeling brown bark provides winter interest.



Oct 26, 2011

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