park of “la maison des enfants”

Our students work on a site opposite our lycee, the park of “la maison des enfants”.

They will try and find ways of improving it.

The new project should include features in relation with the past and the future of the park.

Teachers from other subjects than landscaping will also take part in the project, to teach the students about the history of the place.

The traditional questions underlying a new landscape design are

– where is it located ? What are the buildings around it ?

– who is using the park ? What do they use it for ?

– what are the good points of the park at the moment, and the bad ones ?







view onto the library



a foot with style

Oct 16, 2011

2 comments to park of “la maison des enfants”

  • Hu,
    What a lovely park !
    You are lucky to live and work close to beautiful nature like that.
    Great photos.
    I love the gnarled exposed roots of that tree – it could tell a story I am sure !

  • Darren Dickie

    I love the look of the glade. With the sun’s shadows penetrating through the leaftop canopy of the mighy oaks onto the dew covered grass below, I can almost imagine the wildlife – a fox, badger, deer, rabbits,…even a fairy or nymph…
    Keep up the good blogging.

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