robin is back !

Tonight I saw a robin showering in our waterfall by the pond. Hubby said : summer is over ! Whenever you see robins, it means winter is on its way.
Hard to believe though, with the warm and sunny weekend we’ve just had !
But some signs are unmistakable : frisky early mornings,
heavy dew that takes almost the whole morning to shake dry,
and shorter daytimes, like “oh it’s already dark outside !” and my washing is still hanging out in the garden !
One of our moggies was basking on the dry bed made from the bamboo leaves this afternoon :
and I can’t resist the temptation to show you my red grass, still young and timid next to the forceful dahlia and the drooping lupin. I’m counting on it to be a star of the woodland bed this time next year !

Sep 25, 2011

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