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Let’s meet  Malcolm, Héloïse and Valentin

Valentin said : “I’m 18, I live in Santes, 20 mns far from Lille. I like all kinds of movies, and I mostly watch them on my computer. I only sometimes go to the cinema (it’s too expensive!). I have one brother and one sister. I read French magazines on computers. During my free time I go out with friends. I love gardening.They say I’m shy, nice and my head is in the clouds ! In the future, I’d like to study in an architect school of design, and ultimately be a landscape design architect.”
Héloïse said : “I’m 17, I have a little sister and I live in Lambersart. I love climbings and go out with my friends. I eat a little fastfood and a lot of vegetables. My favourite book is ‘Pars vite et reviens tard’ by Fred Vargas. They say I’m a moaning myrtle, but I’m funny. I hope to have success with my studies and join an engeneering school in two years.”
Malcolm said : “I’m 19 and I live in Lille. My dad is a French teacher in Chicago, and my mum stays at home. My stepdad is a financial director in Paris. I listen to classical music, raggae and rock. I play baskeball. I also write stories, scenarios. For food I like bread, cheese and wine, Mexican food and eastern delicatessen. My motto could be ‘everything’s gonna be alright’. “

Sep 13, 2011

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