More new students

Look at them, don’t they seem full of it and ready to eat mud ?
Well, maybe … Just read their portrait and make guesses !
Next week you will be able to see them in action, as they tackle masonry with Hervé.
Sophie is 20 and she likes drawing (sketching, watercolour). It’s a gift ! She is said to be generous, but she admits having a bad temper. She is not very sure of what to do in the future.
Paul, the blondie, is keen on reggae and US rap (Notorious Big). He plays football and likes meeting people. He is said to be generous and nice.
Sébastien, at the front, is 19 and loves mountain biking. He says he’s generous and has a good sense of humour. He also doesn’t know what to do in the future.
Corentin is 17 and practises football and tennis. He is a big fan of the Lens football club. He hopes to succeed in his studies and become a landscape architect.
Laurent, the one crouching on the right, is mad about computering, the internet and mangas. But far from being a geek, he loves going for walks and watch the fauna and the flora. He is also interested in sciences and the news, which he reads about. He is said to be optimistic but shy. He hopes to become a landscape architect.
Pauline, with the violet top, comes from Burgundy. She likes precision and she is serious. She says she is a bit slow, sometimes anxious, definitely a bit romantic ! She likes eating vegetables, cereals, quinoa and pasta. She has a feel for ecology and plays in a theatre band.
Simon and his dreadlocks likes listening to…. reggae of course, but also electro (Doudoumaster, Zatricat). He enjoys discovering new things about nature. He reads Barjavel, the French author, Aldous Huxley, Beigbeder. He says he’s generous and he smokes too much. He wants to work as a gardener later.
Gauthier is 21 and he enjoys table tennis and cycling. He has no idea about his future job. He says he’s patient, kind and shy. He loves fastfood and hamburgers. He watches horror movies !
Adrien is also 21 and is keen on video games. He enjoys gardening and going out with friends. He is said to be kind but messy ! He reads car and sports magazines. He used to play basketball.
Alexis loves rugby, but also plays a little bit of guitar. He likes Nirvana. He says he is easy going. He’d like to become a head of  landscaping projects.
Amélie is 20 and pactices martial arts ! She is patient and shy. She loves Chinese food. Her favourite movie is “je vais bien ne t’en fait pas”, a French drama.
Julien is 19 and likes action movies. He practices kayaking. He travelled to Romania in 2005 to be part of a humanitarian project : build a school. They were a group of 20 from a town in Brittany where he lived at the time. He is said to be grumpy and doesn’t like losing. He reads L’Equipe a sports newspaper.
Jordan is 18 and has a twin brother who studies technologies. He is a bit of a perfectionist. He admits never opening a book or a magazine !
Alexandre practices kayaking like Julien. He likes playing games on line. He likes going for hikes in the woods. He is learning how to mix music, with the hope to make some money.
And last but not least, Antoine. He used to play rugby, and is fond of horse riding. He is trying to play the guitar. He listens to rock music (Telephone, Linking Park, System of the Down).

Sep 20, 2011

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