towards the end of my summer break, I realize I never posted the photos and messages of some of my students back in June.
They were asked to reflect on this year spent at our lycée. They are aged 16/17 and study landscape design (Vocational Training) :
Alexandre said : “I like forsythia and cherry trees. I discovered many plants.”

Kevin : “I liked rhododendrons and azaleas. I discovered my future job and I learnt how to be good at it.”

Alain said : “I like ferns, they’re beautiful. I also like betula.”
Corentin : “I discovered a place in the heather I like to be. I like them for their wild aspect. They look natural.”
Julien : “I like rhododendrons and the smell of the garden. I disovered the colours of the heather area..”

Romain said : ” I liked mowing. I saw tre surgeons in action.”

Nathan : “I liked work practice. I met exceptional people, they became my friends.”
Mathieu : “I discovered new things : climate in biology. I liked homework.”

Carole said : “I saw trees flowering in summer. I liked the reflexion of the sun mirroring on the water.”

Cyril : “I saw the trees developping the whole year. I liked smelling fresh roses in the morning.”
Thank you students and see you soon !

Aug 15, 2011

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