we caught sight of the tiny toad just as it was hopping from our very wet bamboo edge under the car.

two minutes later, I was on my knees trying to reach for it, but finally it was hubby who got wet knees to reach for it from under the car.

we didn’t want to see it being driven over by some hurried neighbour, using frantic screen wipers to see through the battering rain, and not caring for the creature hopping its life happily in this horridly wet month of July which has created huge puddles and overflowing drains in the streets.

so it was lovingly collected, and deposited at the back of our pond, where the waterfall forms a niche for shelter. New wildlife at Botanic Bay !

earlier this week, my two domesticated mammals have been reshaping my square plots to an informal battlefield. One of the wicker frame has been totally disintegrated, the other one is only standing because there are creeping plants keeping it straight !
le chat finds the makeshift of log border far more convenient to visit for a dig, and le chien finds it ideal to run through in mad cat chase sessions, or tennis ball chase, depending wether one is ready to be hunted or not.

oh my oh my

guilty animals

Jul 17, 2011

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