grasses at Botanic Bay

They are making a slow but decisive appearance in my garden. I really like their touch and their colour, the way they move with the wind and flatten under pouring rain, and pop up with the next sunshine. They nicely frame the beds, when the flowering plants are giving signs of fatigue after an early flowering time this year due to the exceptional heat wave we’ve had in April/May.

Now the weather has turned rainy and windy, mild and frisky in the mornings, which is not what you would expect from the glorious month of June. Farmers were desperate for a bit of rain to avoid catastrophic crops but me as a soon to be holiday maker, I would love to bask under scorching sunshine and run along with le chien in the garden.
There she is, growing fast, and undertaking major digging operations in some areas… grrrrrr.
But hey, isn’t she cute ?

Jun 25, 2011

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