9 months have passed…

since they last stroke a pose at that very spot !
It was at the start of the school year, they were discovering their new school, exploring the parc, and starting to define their likes and dislikes.
They’re back today, and they look back at what they have learnt ; here are some extracts :

Vincent said : Well, the plants have grown a lot here. What I liked this year was doing practice work with Mr Bichon. We learnt about pruning, hard landscaping. I also liked visiting the Botanical Garden in Bailleul ; it’s a regional conservatory for the preservation of native plants and native ecosystems in the North of France. But I must say I find lessons very difficult.
Sandrine said : I have the feeling I have learnt a lot : I discovered a new job, a new passion. I enjoyed my work placement in Arras. I got on well with my trainer and her young assistant. We work on the project of revamping the front square of the church in a small village.
Practice work was also very interesting. It was tiring but we had a good time.
I’ll be back in September with the hope to pass my exam and to find a good school for next year.
Clara said : I liked spending a lot of time thinking and discussing about the options for landscaping a small area in the parc of the school. In the prefab area, we envisaged the change for the plot knownas the Japanese garden at the moment. My suggestion was to try a French classical garden with bux topiairies.
As for the curriculum of the training, lots of issues were interesting but I found it hard to memorize all the theory. I spent a lot of time with my homework !
At the time of exams, I found the wait very stressful. With some teachers, you have the feeling it’s never enough ! But I suppose it’s good for my future job, I’ll be going through times of pressure from clients, and I’ll have to cope it !

Elodie said : I liked the subjects of the curriculum in general, but especially the lessons with Mrs Bouillon : we learnt about the history of gardens ; we looked at drawing, sketches…
What I like about this area where I’m standing, it is the harmony : it doesn’t seem to change with the passing of seasons. There is a line drawn from one end to the other, the space is open.
I hope to have more practice work ; I like it when we spend time in the parc. I enjoyed doing masonry : it’s hard work physically, but the result is worth it.
During the summer I intend to do a work placement in Belgium, at a nursery. I think it’s important for me to get to know as many plants as possible as weel as their produstion techniques.
I will also be working on markets to earn some money.

May 28, 2011

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