gardening with style !

Well Mike and I were spied on by our daughter, who found it very funny to see us both with bums in the air !

We were busy tidying the pebbles at the bottom all around the decking.

I planted two grasses to give a bit of height to the bottom bed.
At least with grasses, it’s presence all year long !
The acer is budding nicely, and so is the sambucus behind it.
The Hostas are poking through the gravel. We just have to be patient. It’s true that with the ‘heat wave’ (20°C at midday) that has hit us over the past three weeks, we tend to believe summer is on its way !

On the other side of the garden, by the kitchen, I planted a Rhodo to add a splash of colour into a bed which is waiting for the tulips and daffodils to open. The lupin is leafing vigourously, together with the pavot. At the front, the square bed is flowering with bulbous plants, and its twin brother has been sown with a range of wild flower seeds. In the middle, I am trying a lavatera to add volume.
At of course, to keep Le Chat at bay, some wire netting is placed on top and secured with planks to deter it from scratching ! A bit of an eyesore I admit, but it all goes down to ‘to have or not to have… a cat’ !

Mar 29, 2011

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  • Mike

    I was just looking at this photo from last March,…. how things will have changed in just a year.
    Lets keep it up.
    What is on the gardening Agenda this weekend ??

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