It’s now mid March, and Botanic Bay is slowly but surely waking up from winter.
Today was very sunny and mild, and I was busy potting fresh renonculas and myosotis into the containers along the driveway, at the front of the house. A bit of sweeping, to get rid of the mud and dead leaves accumulated with the winter slow motion along paths, and in between pots. A few cuts into dead wood for the hardy geraniums, and pondering wether to cut down the lavendulas before they sprout again as we forgot cutting them down in September. I’ll have to check, unless someone gives me some advice ?!
And then, rumaging through the pots, I must have disturbed the red spotty insects, as I caught sight of a few this afternoon, and especially this one, catching the 4 o’clock rays of sun on the wooden table.

Mar 12, 2011

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