orchids in the wild

We visited the Tampolo forest, (Madagascar), which is an example of a preserved forest with trails on different themes, like the orchid trail, the palm trail, the trail that takes you all the way to the beach with its specific vegetation… We didin’t have the time nor the courage to walk all the way to the beach… It was hot, oh so hot and time was running short on our busy shedule. We were supposed to set off at 9, but with what the Malgache call the ‘elastic time’, we were ready by 11…. Mora mora as they say, but unfortunaltely, we found that we wasted quite a lot of time we could have spent exploring more and farther !

Anyway, we walked past those beautiful wild orchids. They grow on trees, they’re called “epiphyte” and they need to be pollinated by hand, which is the task of the eco guard ranging in the Tampolo forest.

many thanks to our passionate guide
and to the man in charge of the management of the forest

Nov 29, 2010

4 comments to orchids in the wild

  • Marc

    It is such a charming place I have ever visited. The local communities, nature, forests, birds, animals and other critters are so beautiful. The surrounding rainforest offers a great place for numerous flora and fauna to find their habitat. I love Madagascar for its simplicity and wildness.

    • Céline

      alright Marc, have you ever been there, do you live there or which part have you been to ? thanks for sharing such interesting comment 🙂

  • Max

    Tampolo is the place for virgin rain forest. Today more and more tourists are coming to explore this isolated paradise. Camping, bird watching, fishing, swimming and snorkeling are popular activities to enjoy here.

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