garden seats at lycee horticole de lomme

On a cold morning, I ventured my students once more in the park of the lycee to show them the different types of garden seats we have.

Morgan wrote :
The bench is situated in a quiet corner ; I can hear the sound of birds. It is a modern seat made of bricks and topped with reconstituted stone looking like wood, and there is a black iron metal frame all around it. A metal mesh keeps the bricks in.
It’s cold today, and I wish I were in summer with flowers, frogs and sunshine !

the brick bench
Vincent and Yohan wrote :
This part of the park is typical of the 80s. But the association of a pool right under a willow tree has eventually provoked the death of the pool. Not enough light, too many leaves…
as they never talked about the topic of seats (!), I may add :
The seating area is composed of an old railway track simply laid on the ground, and several tree trunks resting on logs, not necessarily straight but at an angle for one of them. Quite a peaceful atmosphere, but now that they have talked about death, I might come here with a different mind !
the willow seating area
Adrien wrote :
We are in the rhododendron area ; the best time of year to come here for sitting is April-May time when they are all in bloom.
The bench is made of three stones. It’s inspired from Japanese gardens. The Zen concept…
the stone mini bench
Antoine wrote :
The bench is next to a path, between the rosary and the computer resource centre. When I sit, I can see two ponds with ducks. There is also a wooden bridge in front of me, but it’s not in use anymore, too slippery when wet ! Now there even is a big hole in the middle !
The bench is made of wood, it’s a typical English bench. It has a ceiling made of willow which has been weaved into a pointy shape. This can be called Landart I suppose. Under my feet, there is a white stone paving.
you know this seat, you’ve seen it in Sept, with leaves…

Nov 24, 2010

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