strange containers

Clara wrote :

The wall container.
The plants grow in a metal ‘cage’ ; normally flat on the ground, but here designed to lean against a wall, and it is regularly moved around the park of the lycée.
The plants need to be of the sort that don’t need a lot of water, because the weight of the water and gravity would be a problem. The top plants could be dry.
A nice example of wall containers can be seen at Quay Branly (the Museum of Primitive Arts) in Paris.

last week, by the the cantine
today, by the main hall
Elodie wrote :
The bench in the willow area.
We can’t sit on it ! Weeds showing small flowers and berries grow there. It is made of wood and metal and there is a liner to make it waterproof.
There is little soil. It’s definitely not a typical container ! It makes me think of an English garden.

Oct 19, 2010

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