Autumn is the air

This morning, I asked my students to choose a plant which truly revealed that we are in autumn. I wanted them to stress on colour and feelings.

Arthur :

I like the colour of the Liquidambar because it ranges from red to purple. It’s a tree famous for turning red from the top and gradually the rest of the tree turns a rich purple. The process takes about a month.

Q. Foul :

The horse chesnut tree is turning brown. Almost all the leaves have fallen. Soon it will look dead. It’s a sad feeling, autumn is in the air and the tree like all chesnut trees, is hit by a disease carried by a bug. But in spring the bug will be dead and the tree will revive.

Sandrine :

Autumn is in the air because some leaves have fallen to the ground and they are turning yellow. I was attracted to it because the yellow is very powerful, it’s like a ray of light in the park.

Eileen :

I chose the wisteria ; it is light green with a few yellow leaves. With time, it will get thinner because the leaves will have fallen entirely.
It looks like a soft green pillow, ready to welcome all the visitors wishing to rest.

Oct 5, 2010

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