They liked…

The wooden harbour is located next to a natural pond where we can see ducks in spring. It was made by the adults who train in our lycée. They used willow which they have plaited but it doesn’t mean that the branches have stopped their growth.
We chose this place because it’s like a cocoon, it’s quite nice to see what we can build with trees.
Clara, Sandrine, Vincent, Malcolm.
The meadow is a place where man doesn’t intervene a lot. There is dead wood for insects. In the trees there are bee hives. The ground is covered in long grass for the wildlife. There are many adventices because of sustainable management. There are roses, prunus, fir trees, nettles, thistles…
The atmosphere of this place is not really relaxing because it is next to a busy street.
Q.Pi, Q.Foul, Jeremy
We are next to a geometric pond. It is made of concrete, and it’s higher than ground level. We can see aquatic plants : reeds and waterlillies which are flowering but still closed at that time of the morning!
All around there are topiaries made of bux.
Elodie, Sophie, Arthur, Yoann
The bird box is made of wood, and it’s hanging high in the tree. It is next to the meadow, near our English classroom. It is used to protect the birds and to encourage them to nest. It’s hidden in the landscape.
We think it’s a good idea, and it’s quite nice !
Morgane, Jérome, Héléna, Eileen

Sep 9, 2010

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