A backyard vineyard

My husband is currently contemplating our next gardening project and has announced it is to be “a vinyard”…. (He is known for exageration !! ).
Actually he plans to dig up the border next to the house and whilst laying some hardlandscaping for better access, and a seating area, he intends to plant some Vitis Vinifera.
Now the soil seems pretty fertile and well drained, and they will be planted against a backdrop of a white, south facing wall, so as far as Northern France goes, sunlight will not be a huge problem.
However, the question he is asking, is with the mild climate in mind, what type of vine should he plant ?
He is thinking about Seyval Blanc or maybe the Rondo. What do you suggest ?
As an additional question, are there any vinyards in the north of France close to us here in 59 or 62 ??

Sep 30, 2009

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