Easter flowers

while the kids and Mike Lucky Spade were busy hunting for Easter eggs in the garden, I went round to capture the sights of the garden at that time of year.

Very colourful!

By the pond:
















At the back, a riot of colors:

















































Happy Easter!

Apr 22, 2014

Laura’s gems

I loved these tulips now fully open in her garden




Another week, and we shall enjoy our Easter Break, well meritted.

Keep it shining, sushine, we like it like that:)

Apr 12, 2014

we’re back!

It’s been some time I haven’t posted news about the garden

Botanic Bay bowed its head while Mike Lucky Spade and I were debating about future transformations : a new terrace, the pond revamped, and more plants added to the edge.

We had so much rain over the wintry months, I must admit I mostly stayed indoors with the cats!

Now the sun is back, it’s mild and all the plants are bursting to share buds, flowers, leaves. So I grabbed my camera and went round the garden ; here is what I collected:

IMGP57722 ducks watching from a high post!

IMGP5839                                  many tulips, but this dwarf specie in particular, so eye-catching

IMGP5844                            faithful Dicentra,

                            not bothered at all after having been removed from the pond area

                             – currently in stand-by mode, waiting for the ideal spot….

IMGP5846                              promising Acer - big relief to see the leaves appear,

as this tree was transplanted only 3 weeks ago,

part of the new plan for the pond area

IMGP5848                           Old rhodo has decided to be generous this year ;

It’s covered in these complicated flowers!

IMGP5849 Blue poppy-like gem, self sown… :)

IMGP5864                                  Pear tree – any fruit this year, Sir?

                                                            I’m not too bothered, though, I do not like pears….

IMGP5851                             Side overview – we-re getting there!


time for my morning coffee – until next time, bye bye!

Apr 6, 2014

more of Laura’s city garden, undergoing major structural work !

live from Laura’s garden diary !

“Wet weather has stopped the final step. I was going to put a small border between the new seat & deck, but it’s a bit muddy to be digging out the old holly tree, hopefully we might get a dry spell before it gets frosty”

deck in the corner

deck in the corner

deck and rockery

The rocks on the side of the decking link in nicely with the rockery

New arbour seat, waiting for honeysuckle to grow over it next year. Final border will go behind it, leading to deck.New arbour seat, waiting for honeysuckle to grow over it next year. Final border will go behind it, leading to deck.

Old granite seat made great edging as the garden slopes there and rots fencing & log roll!An old granite seat has made great edging as the garden slopes down, to replace the rotten log roll

Tree to come out and make new border. Zachs sandpit is going on the slabs. He says i have to plant ferns in the border so that if he has dinosaurs in the sandpit they have something to eat!!!!!The tree is to come out, then the new border can be completed. Z’s sandpit is going on the slabs.

He says I have to plant ferns in the border so that if he has dinosaurs in the sandpit they have something to eat!!!

Oct 27, 2013

Laura’s city garden

Let’s see what there is in store  at the moment…

oh, whaou !


laura's acer

“It is an Acer Palmatum Dissectum, but I’ve had it about 13 years, so I can’t remember the exact variety.”, Laura wrote.

What I like in this picture is the bounty feeling : all the plants seem to wish to escape their pots and spread further, encouraged by the wild creatures nestled amongst them.


Oct 24, 2013

Hever Castle and Gardens

I loved this place !


On my way to family north of London, Ally and I had a stopover at Hever castle, the childhood home of Ann Boleyn.

We were struck by the maturity of the garden, its many features and vast spaces. From the Italian garden to the House, the lake and the water maze, there is plenty to gaze at. The house has been wonderfully preserved and while visiting it, you are wooshed back into the Tudor times. Amazing woodwork, decoration, and a surprise in the main gallery. You can have access to all the floors, and the quaint arrangement of rooms, the narrow doorframes, the short corridors , the many doors, the steep narrow stairs and the furniture displayed : everything is successful.

I found this place truly inspiring, I shall certainly come back some time !









































Jul 30, 2013

play on, summertime…………

Late afternoon, baking hot.

Late afternoon, baking hot.

may moments of relaxation like this happen more often !

Jul 29, 2013