here is a glimpse of the pot I planted this morning


Nov 2, 2014

autumn in the garden but the tropics indoors

I got my orchid nearer the ficus and I found they got on well together

how about your indoor plants?

ficus meet orchid-407562145


Nov 2, 2014

how to say it?

dramatic encounter with the tall grasses:

30Aug near the terrace

they must have had a message to pass…

sounds like the tropics… warm air, heavy rainpour…. where is my Tahiti shower gel???


enjoy your last day of August, dear readers!

Aug 31, 2014

hey, students, what’s up?


click and sing along!

word crimes

bye for now!

Jul 29, 2014

Play on, Summer Time!

This is it, the blessed time off school when you have just managed to find the right pace.

No more watch at the wrist, no rings at my fingers, light clothes, no real dress code…

Everyday trips to the riding centre, to care for Prestige; waving good bye to my golfing son on his route to various championships all through the month of July

Soon we’ll travel down south, to the blessed villages and places worth the sight and the lazy mood… Can’t wait!


In the meantime, here are two vistas of what Botanic Bay has to offer;



side path

enjoy your Summer, dear Readers!

Jul 26, 2014

Interesting videos

This post is destined to my students at Lycée Horticole – call it your holiday update:)




orchid hunter




Jul 8, 2014

flowers galore!

This is what we have now as a hedge to keep passers-by off our plot,

after getting rid of our tattered conifer hedge…

It took two years and a particularly hot end of spring / early summer to amount to such bounty!

1. colourful hedge

2. colourful hedge

4. colourful hedge

6. colourful hedge

8. colourful hedge

11. colourful hedge

and last but not least, there is an addition to our family!

This is Prestige de Garlan, Ally’s new beloved friend


04. gros calin

02a. Promenons nous 4 juil 14

you’d like to see more? click onto



Jul 6, 2014