flower display

Yesterday, as I was walking towards my classroom through the parc,  I caught sight of a lovely display.  What do you think?

Thanks to the florestry team who had a workshop this week and decided to leave their arrangements hanging from the trees. It certainly makes the area more attractive all the more as we know it is ephemeral. Land art or not?

Cast your votes!

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Oct 8, 2016

the first dig is dug!

With the good weather we are currently enjoying, nothing can stop us now!


As always the question is: where to put the soil we excavate?…. It is going to prove a challenge in our mature garden.

In the background, our current pond, 10 years of age, that is due to be dismantled. Twelve odd carps and gold fish swim in there.


The Lantana is now in a pot, waiting like the other specimens to find a better home once the new pond is up.


Besides, I also decided to give this pretty blue ceramic pot new lodgers in the form of tulip bulbs. I know there are gardeners that think they are set too close to one another, now I am fully aware of that but I have seen videos of amateur gardeners displaying amazing tulip planters at the end of winter. And this is how they do it. So I am trying my luck with a nice bed of pouzolane to avoid rotting.

transformation-10Pregnant pot expecting 10 white tulips!


Nice encounter before I went back to the kitchen to cook lunch;)

Sep 25, 2016

all cleared! well almost…

Another two hour job today – a free afternoon in the sun, that was lucky!

And see the difference:

it all started by the green man having new company:


the Verbena is now waiting for a new spot

in this window box that was used in our old flatbut is now used as a spare pot

which means… more space has been cleared in view of our next pond:


tada! Even the mint and sage have gone! Cut back and put into water for new roots. Fingers crossed.

From the lounge, the space looks altogether neater, but isn”t it always the case when you remove plants?

The yellow ribbon now shows the outline of the next pond more effectively.

So long, dear readers!

Sep 22, 2016

A two hour job on Sunday

The new pond is constantly in our heads at the moment.

Since I said to Mike Lucky Spade, “look the pond has got cracks, it is too big, the water is green, and it is all fashioned” – I got a positive reaction from him… What else ? So we are now busy with the new pond project.just-kiddingThe sick water pump that was not doing a good job, was replaced by a different system, more efficient because after three days I could see the fish!

But we’ll get to the issue of pumps later,

for today, the task assigned was to remove the berry bushes to vacate some room for the next pond.

I suggested to Mike Lucky Spade to cut them back and place them into pots in the waiting for the whole new revamping.

It’s not just building a new pond – it’s also getting rid of the first one cat

Anyway here are some pics of today’s work:


At the start, it”s plants galore : berry bushes and mint that has overgrown. This area has become grubby looking and this is the very place for our new pond. The yellow ribbon marks the outline of the project.


After two hours, the bushes have disappeared, it”s only the mint left. And that is next weekend’s job. As usual, Le Chat is keen to watch.


The bushes have been cut back, and stored for planting next winter.


This line of pots contains the gunera that is currently next to the pond and that has to find a new life with the new pond. From one plant, Mike Lucky Spade has made 4.  All the better! They are pretty expensive in garden centers.

Sep 18, 2016

There is a puma in my tree!

Just kidding just-kidding


It’s Le Chat! Enjoying the heat as much as I, only she is in the shade, and I am sunbathing!

30°C…. Hey Summer is not over yet 😉

What was your day like?

Sep 14, 2016

My Majorcan experience

Breathtaking seaside and crowded with tourists

this is what I will remember.

I enjoyed swimming in the clear sea that white sand would offer us eventually after a little walk from the hotel.

I loved traveling to Porto Cristo, enjoyed the little restaurants and quiet cafés in the back streets up the hill.

I only wish I could travel off peak really. Bt as long as I am a teacher, it is not an option!

At hotel - View from terrace lording over the swimming pool, in the morning light

At hotel – View from terrace lording over the swimming pool, in the morning light

setting sun

At hotel- view from dining area at sunset

View onto the creek near the hotel

View onto the creek near the hotel


Don't forget to grab a tasty bite and a cooling drink!

Don’t forget to grab a tasty bite and a cooling drink!

busy beach at Porto Cristo

busy beach at Porto Cristo


the view onto the creek at Porto Cristo

the view onto the creek at Porto Cristo


Porto Cristo Church

the good life

We enjoyed the cooler back streets and the charming cafés & restaurants

From inside the church, the view is stunning!

From inside the church, the view is stunning!

Sep 6, 2016

Back to school… the park is still quiet after a long summer sleep

So this is it – on Monday the Lycee will be teeming with students and the ones assigned with practice sessions will operate their lawnmowers, hedge trimmers and pick weeds off borders.

For there is need for upkeep after more than two months of the students gone off to work placement and then their summer holiday.

Just see Sleeping Beauty before the Big Do happens:

lycée de sept 02

The tortoise needs a neat trim while the path is overgrown with unwanted grass and moss. Nothing to worry about though!

lycée de sept 06

We have had a period of drought and naturally the natural pond is empty but the grasses are bounty and looking healthy. Not doubt later this year water will return and with it the frogs and the likes to animate its surface and shake the reeds.

So long, dear Readers, and keep it up!

Sep 3, 2016