all about thinning…

thinning the bamboo hedge

The bamboo hedge flanking the driveway was getting bulky and no longer in tune with the airy mixed hedge that surrounds the whole garden – Botanic Bay is a garden at the corner of two streets.

So this week I harvested what could feed the pandas at the zoo of Lille for a day or two I believe.

And now I can marvel at the rays of the morning sun passing through the canes.

One good thing done!

gardenerMike Lucky Spade is due to do some major changes in our garden this year. Our current pond is getting old – both old fashioned and derelict. So Time for Change! 2017 will see our new pond in its new location… Can’t wait!

Aug 7, 2016

Summer 16

Sweet 16 as they call it…

Summer is my favorite time of year;

Simply enjoy reading & relaxing,

How will you have your summer?

dive in!



Jul 18, 2016

the autumn feel

splendid colors here at botanic bay, the sun makes it all vibrant!


a closer look at the apples


grasses at their best

grasses and sambucus

more grass

more grass

Oct 26, 2015

my trip to Corfu

It has been a most exquisite and hot experience, I shall certainly go back to the City of Corfu some time!

setting sun in Garitsa Bay

setting sun in Garitsa Bay

view from the Venitician fortress

view from the Venitician fortress

busy night life in the Old City

busy night life in the Old City

This beautiful construction marks the emplacment of the fresh water cistern built by the English some 800 years ago

This beautiful construction marks the emplacement of the fresh water cistern built by the English some 800 years ago

gardener busy on the roof garden of the hotel

gardener busy on the roof garden of the hotel

view from the hotel onto Garitsa Bay

view from the hotel onto Garitsa Bay

Aug 15, 2015

the quiet mode

I am enjoying summertime in the garden

my coffee spot in the early morning, no rush, no buzz… oh that is precious

we are lucky to welcome many birds because we are one of the few gardens in the neighbourhood with a nice supply of mature trees for them to nest and feed

our oldish cats are too lazy now to chase them, that is a relief

and the dog is quiet as always, she is a discreet presence manifesting through the clinking of her medal against her collar

2015-07-06 22.13.48


reading, listening to the radio when the birds are silent…

that is the life!

This is why I love summer

a cartoon for Mike Lucky Spade who is not shovelling so much these days!

Image result for I love summer cartoon


Jul 18, 2015

the Hautpoul hike

May’s blessed many bank kolidays have let me take some time off the house and the pets.

Off I went for a few days in the south west and I did this hike with my dad. A four hour hike walk up and down hills, sometimes up steep paths and other times gentle winding paths.

But all the time surrounded by the sense of wild and quiet. The sounds of Nature came to my ears, not a single car, not a single plane, but still network for my mobile phone so I could tease the working family back home with some selfies or lovely sceneries.

Here is a sample:

as you can notice, the weather was cloudy, but it made the colours of the surrounding vegetation even more outstanding…

Hautpoul, medieval village

chesnuts from the previous autumn

flashy bug









ruinsThe tall vegetation mainly consists of acacia, horse chestnut and chestnut trees.

narrow path, beware!Some ferns, mosses and ivy completed the scenery,

the best bit of colour all the waybut the loud Cistus were definitely the best bit of colour all the way!


Time for lunch, and then as it started to drizzle, we took shelter under the building where the village oven was set.

picnic by the village oven

And then in the afternoon, with the heat building up at last, came the sounds of Nature:


Then back home, I had one, only one day to enjoy the garden!!!!!

back home, one hot sunny day so far….

May 31, 2015

a day in the sun

I am currently enjoying a short break in the South West of France, and today I was near Narbonne. The sun was shining bright but the wind was very strong. I really loved discovering

We had lunch at a delicious restaurant in Gruissan, five stars for food and serving.

then we drove to St Pierre sur Mer to park near the riding center, where a little fair was taking place – sheep shearing and local foods and drinks


then we walked the path up the hill until this was unveiled in front of our very eyes – truly mesmerizing!

WP_20150516_023 this is the ‘gouffre de l’oeil doux’



and finally we drove to the Abbey of Fontfroide, an ancient Sistercian abbey, really worth the visit



so long, dear Readers

tomorrow is the day when I go for a 6h hike near Mazamet, that will be more in the woods;)

May 16, 2015